Farson Dil

A young alley Mage


Young magus Farson Dil is a relatively well-known runaway who makes his home in an alley near the docks of Oron’s fast. The young man, more a boy, is not from nearby and does not reveal his origins,
He is an incredibly skilled magic user, especially for one his age. He has already accomplished what most other mages never get to within their lifetime. And in many places, boys his age would be home playing, doing chores and possibly beginning to learn a craft, yet Farson has become, without any apparent outside instruction, a powerful wizard in his own right.
Despite his powers, Farson remains by far the cheapest pervayor of magical spells and services in and around town. The boy is truly altruistic in nature and wishes to help those in need. So he only charges small fees for his time and efforts, though he does ask for customers to pay for any extra costs involved in the casting (if any).
He makes his home in his chosen place of business, the dead end alley that has become known locally as the home of the young ‘alley-mage’. The alley’s end section is draped off with sheets and curtains, Behind the curtains are various layers of rooms and a few small tents, crowded in the alley’s narrow space. The alley is hung with supportive ropes and more sheets/curtains to block visibility.


Farson Dil

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